A public servant who knows what Public Service means

Letter from Amy

I grew up in Pennsylvania, lived in a number of places, including New York City, but have spent most of my adult life in Illinois. My husband and I raised our 2 children here because we knew, without a doubt, this was the best place to raise them; in DuPage County, Illinois. I love living here. I love Illinois. Even with the challenges and problems we face now, it's still a wonderful place that I'm committed to. I went into public service because I knew that everyone has a role in the stewardship of the places they treasure. Frankly, I felt like I had good ideas from my experience and interaction in my community, and I summoned the courage to run for office. While some people call public service "Thankless", and it can be, I lean toward being "Thankful" for the opportunity to serve. To be at the table helping make the decisions that mold the future is a privilege. It's hard work too. I'm willing to do the work and do it with enthusiasm. I want my daughter and son to experience the same special feeling for this state as I do. My best chance to do that is to impact this state with the most dedication that I can. That is why I'm running and asking for your support.


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